PRPASS August Meeting: Sessions Material

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El pasado mes de agosto tuvimos dos excelentes presentaciones, a continuación les comparto el material que prepararon los presentadores:

SQL Data Compression
Presented  by: Charles Rodriguez

One thing everyone knows with certainty is that databases grow with time. Data Files grow, backups grow, and it never stops. The more data we have, the more work SQL Server has to perform in order to deal with it all. While we can’t stop growth, we can use tools to help us better deal with all this data, and that is the promise of compression. In this session we will discuss Data Compression, we will discuss what objects can be applied to, effects of compression and how it can be used.

Administer Servers by Using Policy-Based Management & SQL Server Auditing
Presented By: Dr. Jose Massari

Policy based management is a new feature in SQL Server 2008 that allows you to define and implement policies across your SQL Server infrastructure. In this session we will be learning an overview of this powerful feature and how you can leverage it to help manage your existing SQL environment.

With SQL Server 2008 you now have the ability to set up auditing with SQL Server Audit. Attend this session for an overview of SQL Server Audit, learn how to initially configure an audit for your server or databases, and examine the audit logs to report on the information that is captured.


Les agradecemos a todos los que pudieron acompañarnos y a nuestros presentadores por su esfuerzo y colaboración.

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